Dim Sum near me
As soon as you've received your delivery there are a few immediate steps that you need to take. 
Step One
Take everything out of the box. Do this carefully as there may be some dry ice still inside, which is wrapped in plastic - use a tea towel or gloves when handling it.
Step Two
If you've ordered any extras, please be aware that these will be in the woolen pouch but NOT in your dim sum box...make sure to retrieve them before disposing of the wool and box.
Step Three
Put all the dim sum in the freezer and your carrot slaw ingredients in the fridge. The dips and rice can be kept at room temperature.
Step Four
If you feel that anything is missing from your order, please get in touch with us asap and we will try to help you find it or find a solution. info@dingdongdimsum.com. 
Step Five
Start planning your delicious dim sum feast!