Daily Dumplings - Vegan with Soybean & Ginger



Not just for Christmas! Or just for special occasions! But Daily! Why not every day of the week!? Every day of your life!!! Absolutely no reason at all...

We present to you...Ding Dong Daily Dumplings!

These sumptious bowls of goodness have been perfectly crafted to deliver an easy, tasty meal for 2, no hassle, no fuss, maximum enjoyment.

Each pack contains Noodles, 14 Vegan Dumplings, Seaweed, Carrot, Okra, Mushrooms and a Ding Dong speciality sauce that perfectly compliments the dumplings.

For the Vegan option, we've created a mouth watering Soya bean & Ginger sauce that is the ultimate balance of both soft and punchy. The perfect amount for 2 to share. Store in the freezer until it's time for lunch!

All you need is a pan of boiling water....no steamer required! Ready in less than 10 minutes.

Sold individually or if you fancy stocking up, why not grab a bundle of all three for £30. Always prepared!

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