BLOG: Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you wondering, exactly like I am, how in dumpling’s name is it December already? Less than 3 weeks of shopping left before the big day and I’m wracking my brains for ideas of what to buy for the growing list of people in my life. 
I'm going to admit something here, I’m a bit useless at thinking about what to get people - what do I get my wife who has everything she needs?! She told me I needed to up my game this year! Apparently a box of chocolates and some Christmassy socks won’t cut it. 
Well. This year, I’m going to Put Some Effort In. 
Before we get any deeper into planning who’s getting what, let’s flip this whole gifting thing on its head. People keep asking you what you want for Christmas and you haven’t got a clue either! 
So here are my ideas for Christmas 2023 that you can use for YOURSELF or someone else: 
Gifts under £20.00
Decorative Ding Dong Dipping Dish Set - £19.95 (they come in a fab gift box, but why not add a voucher too?)
Dipping Set Bundle - £19.95 (These super tasty dips are amazing with dim sum but go with pretty much anything!)
Gifts under £75.00
Gift Voucher - From £25.00 to however generous you’re feeling, they can spend this on yummy dim sum.
Bamboo Steamer and Voucher Set -  Look like a dim sum pro with one of these in their/your kitchen AND get to pick the dumplings you desire.  
Ultimate gifting bundle - Bamboo Steamer, Dipping Set and voucher for a Dim Sum Box- from £69.95. Forget about the case of wine or Christmas pudding hamper, this will show your loved one that you really value them.
Gifts over £100.00
Comes with everything you get in the Full Package but with extra gift cards to spend on months of dim sum, keeping you in the good books well into 2024!
**Each set that comes with a voucher allows the recipient to choose from a huge range of dim sum boxes or individual dumplings, gyoza and steamed buns to cook at home.**  
Obviously I’m biased but, I think Ding Dong Dim Sum do some pretty excellent gifts to suit all budgets. 
Hope you found this useful and I want to remind you once again, to Put Some Effort In this year. 
Much Love. X